The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fire Station 28

After school today we picked up Papa Jim and went to see Buda at the Fire Station. Buda is mom's best friend Connie's husband. He is the Fire Chief for Station 28 in Nashville. Gaines has been so excited to go to the fire station. In the car he said, "Buda is my hero." About a week ago at school they were studying community helpers and Gaines came home and built a lego "trophy" with a lego firefighter on top and said, "I am going to present this to Buda for being a good community helper and helping kids get out of fires." He has also said, "I want to be just like Buda when I grow up." Do you think he has a fan club or what?!?! Selfishly, I wanted to go and take pictures for Gaines's fire fighter birthday party and invitation! We get there and both boys are very shy and not really wanting to get out from under my legs. Thank goodness Papa Jim was there to help with Will. Gaines finally warmed up and started asking Buda or at the fire station he is known as "Gabby" questions. They pulled out all the stops! Gaines even got to use the fire hose. After our visit, Gaines said his favorite part was "The Captain sitting in the kitchen." REALLY?!?!? After all of this...
The "crew" asked if they wanted to steer the ladder but neither one of the boys wanted to go up there.
Checking out the truck and gear

Gaines and Fire Chief Graves or Buda or Gabby - Talk about an identity crisis!!!

Our motley crew

 Buda got out all of his gear and Gaines got to try it all on. He was asking him what the different pieces were used for and just trying not to move it was all so heavy!

Will did not make a sound until he spotted the basketball. Definitely spent the rest of his time shooting hoops and checking out the lawn mower.

The boys and their Great-Grandfather Papa Jim

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