The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gaines Reginald is 5!

I just truly cannot believe I am writing this post. Seems like yesterday we were trying to survive the night with our first born who would only sleep if you held him....all night! We recorded every move you made. You are amazing sweet boy. 

5 years old
41.4 lbs      56%
43" inches  52%
BMI 15.76 60%
Vison 20/20
Last shots except flu until he is 11! Craziness to think of him as being 11...

Gaines Reginald at 1 years old and 5

These are a few of my favorite things about you at 5:
You have your own sense of style and you own it. You love khaki pants, button up shirts, sweaters, and ties. Anything professional and preppy. You consider it a punishment to wear lounge pants/ sports pants. We have heard numerous times during meltdowns "I don't match or I look ridiculous!" Your mommy has finally given in for the most part and let you wear what you want but it is war when I want you to wear something you don't want to.

You love art, crafts, and projects right now. I do have to admit this seems to be the one thing that truly occupies your time. Normally you get over an activity or toy in about 5 minutes tops. I don't know how this happened but overnight you seem to know how to draw really things. Of course this went from some drawings to posters and themes etc. when you do something you do it big! You love the details like your mommy for these things and it is "just ruined" when it does not come out like you had planned. You also are a great delegator. You come up with these elaborate projects like a puppet show or details for your theme birthday party then you assign all the work toy your Nonni, Poppy, etc. I'm not sure if you ever lift a finger or if you just direct.

You are still more into community helpers than other boy toys like Ninja Turtles or Super Heros. You want to be a police officer. You loved the ticket books that you gave out as favors for your birthday. The big toy for your birthday was the Fisher Price Imagiex Rescue Center.

You are very independent. You love your friends and cousins but if you don't want to play what they are then you just leave and go off by yourself or find the adults to chat their ears off.

You know all your letters and how to write them. Starting to spell a few sight words. Love preschool.

You are so stubborn. If you get in trouble, you refuse to look at us and you refuse to say your sorry (probably because you are not sorry!).  

Your creativeness and imagination is amazing. You are so smart. I cannot wait to see how you take on Kindergarden. Big plans!

We love you so much and are so very proud of our 5 year old.

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