The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, May 15, 2014

6 weeks old

Ella Jo,
You have grown so much in the past two weeks. You have such a precious personality all bright eyed and smiling. 
At 6 weeks, YOU

  • Weigh 11lbs 4oz which is about 1.5oz a day since your last weigh in!
  • Sleep from around 10pm to 3,4, or even 5am. Your mommy is very thankful for that but also worried you were not gaining enough sleeping this long but you are! You may just be an Odom after all!
  • Have opened up your little hands and arms.
  • Love your activity mat and are mesmerized by the singing star.
  • Had your first "sick" visit with Dr. Mukundan for a rash all over your body and reflux. The doc comes in and looks at the red rash from head to toe and says, "what rash?" Come to find out you just have sensitive skin that as the day goes on flames up to treat with lotion 2x a day. 
  • Have major tummy issues. Truly the only time you fuss is when you need to spit up or poop and it hurts you so bad trapped in there. If you are in the car seat longer than 15minutes you will spit up everywhere almost as soon as you come out of the seat. The doc have you some meds to help but you do not like it! 
  • Are strong and love to arch your back and hold your sweet little head up. 
  • Are still uncertain about baths. This is probably because your mom baths you maybe once a week and it is still so new to you. You don't cry, you just have this look on your face the entire time like what is she doing?!?
  • Sleep really well with the fan in the bathroom running probably because it muffles the sounds of your big brothers.
  • Are constantly toted around everywhere. I think you are the only 6 week old that has been to the strawberry patch twice!
  • Are so very loved!
Ella Jo is 6 weeks old!
So long!
One of my favorite pics of this sweet little girl.
Not use to baths since Mommy does not like to do them!

Never have I ever had a child that fell asleep on the mat!

Loves her mommy so much.

I still think she favors Gaines more but it all depends on the day.

Chilling with my brothers

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