The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Will started running a fever on Thursday night and had no appetite but I thought at first it may just be a fever virus. Then by Friday morning he had started a croup cough. Every time he would sneeze or cough it would sound like a seal bark (because everyone knows what that sounds like..right?) or a sound that made you turn around and say, "What in the world was that?!?!" I took him to the doctor on Friday morning and he confirmed it was Croup. I remember Gaines had croup but I do not remember it being as bad as this. 
He has been so lethargic with no appetite. When he has a croup fit, it is so scary because he is just grasping for air and then panics because he can't breathe. Basically all you can do for it is keep him calm, a hot steamy shower, and a humidifier. 
Friday night was miserable. Garrick and I both were up every hour almost. I slept in Will's room and when he would wake up with a coughing/breathing fit Garrick would start the shower in the bathroom and I would bring him in as we tried to keep him calm to catch his breath. 
Saturday morning around 9am he got a little energy but still running fever his fits were less severe during the day. Saturday night, we were not doing the shower thing as much but more trying to keep him from gagging and throwing up. 
Sunday, still running a fever and screaming when even water went down his throat. This is miserable! 
Monday seemed to be better. He even ate and had energy and then totally crashed after nap. He threw up everything he ate. He still has not eaten much. I weighed him and he has lost 2 pounds in 4 days. 
Today, we headed back to doc and everything seemed to check out ok. Dr. Mukundan seemed to think the croup has just affected everything but he was super concerned about the weight loss. Hoping we can get him to eat something soon. For my baby boy to deny sweets means he is really sick. We are going on Day 6 of not doing anything besides hang at home. We are going stir crazy!

At the doc on Friday

On Saturday morning I finally got him to get off the couch for about 2 hours.

Sunday Night - pitiful

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