The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ella Jo is one week

Today Ella Jo is one week old!
Cannot believe it has already been a week and how it seems like she has always been a part of our lives. She wins best baby out of our three children, even our pediatrician agrees! On Tuesday, we went to the doc for a check up on her weight gain and loss. She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and the doc was good with that and said we can stop supplementing. Now if all goes well, we don't go back until April 22nd.

In your first week of life, YOU:

  • Sleep in the swing or the little rock and sleep during the day. 
  • Eat around every 3 hours. Are very hard to force you to eat when you don't want to - which is very frustrating when your mommy is worried about your weight! 
  • Have your big brothers wrapped around your tiny finger. 
  • They want to hold you, kiss your head, see if you are awake or sleeping, or just be near you. I think you are going to be one lucky little sis. 
  • Are hit or miss on how nighttime goes. Overall, we cannot complain. One night you will sleep 10-3 but be very restless from 4-6. Then the next night you will be restless at the beginning and then sleep 3-9! Either way we are getting sleep just not when your mommy and daddy want it.
  • Your jaundice is much better hopefully due to getting enough milk. 
  • Your mommy is struggling feeding you though. It hurts so bad, blood and the pain does not seem to bother you in the least. 
  • Are the most "awake" in the evening between 6p-8p. 
  • Are a perfect mix of both your brothers. In the hospital you looked just like Will but your Mommy thinks with your eyes open and your cuddly demeanor reminds her so much of Gaines. 

We love you so much Ella Jo Odom!

One week old

Meeting ConCon
Ella Jo looks so much like Gaines as a newborn to me.
Meeting Aunt Daph
Papa Jim's first granddaughter

Talking to Nonni

I cannot believe I am doing this again...

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