The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kicking the New Year Off with fun Play Dates

Finally after all the craziness of the Holidays, we were finally able to get back together with our besties Sarah-Beth, Luke, and Baby Lydia. The boys really have not been around Baby Lydia yet and I was very interested to see their reactions. Gaines was typical, despite the many times he assured SB while pregnant that he was going to rock Lydia and sing to her...he totally did not acknowledge her existence and Will was  right up under me anytime I was holding her. He was even more curious the next we got together. I love that these boys get to grow up together! Will and Luke really play so well together sometimes more like brothers and Luke loves to do what Gaines is doing! 

 I love this picture! Looks like they are all really playing a game together instead of throwing cards everywhere!
 These boys are dancing machines!
 Cheesing and playing trains! 
 Our first group pic of the fabulous 4! Poor Lydia!
 The closest Gaines would get to Baby Lydia
Playing trains and doing some work...

 Cheesing with Baby Lydia! He was so curious and wanted to right up under me or SB when we were holding Lydia
SB asked Will if he wanted to hold her and he shook his head YES and wanted to hold her over and over again!

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