The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adventures with Nonni

Garrick had to work on Saturday so Mom and I took the boys to the Discovery Center. It was a gorgeous day and could not have worked out better. Of course, they loved having their NonNon with them. 
on the Nature trail

Just wanted you all to see just how intense this child can be!

Will and his NonNon

 The Mechanics working on their car

Practicing tracing

Waiting in line to fly the plane and he was so excited! He could not be still and then he climbed into the plane to drive all by himself. He was not sure what to do at first but them he figured it out. Top Gun thought he was Mr. Big Stuff!

We also told Gaines and Will about their cousin cat, Tiger Lily, passing away this weekend. We had worried for literally over a month about how to tell them. I tried telling Gaines one night while we were getting ready for bed and saying our prayers and he started crying saying, "All I want to do is pet Tiger Lily." Needless to say we were worried to really tell him but surprisingly, Little Christy responded with, "I guess Nonni and Poppy will just need to get a dog, maybe a blue or red one, that would be good." He also said Tiger was in a Cat Hotel. I am not really sure how all of this registered from Tiger going to Cat Heaven but either way it is over!
Will acting like Tiger

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