The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Friday, March 23, 2012

Visit to the Downtown Library with Gaines & Lucy

Today I took Gaines and Lucy to the Downtown Nashville Library for a puppet show. I have been really wanting to do this with boys and it was so worth it! The Library is awesome and has such a neat children's section. LK and Gaines looked all around, picked out some books, and then we went in to the show. Gaines just sat and stared at the show the entire time. Lucy lost interest about 10 minutes in but in her defense I think she was exhausted! We had rocked her little schedule over the past 24 hours. I asked Gaines if he remembered any of the characters and he said no but then while using the potty he recited the entire play! He is a mess!!!
Ready to Roll!
We played the favorite game in the car. LK's favorite colors: Green,Red, & Black. Gaines favorite colors: Orange and Brown (what?!?). LK fave show: Tangled. Gaines fave show: Max & Ruby (again what?!?!)
Love this one - the library is so pretty and they were just looking around at all the big white steps

Giant Puppet - kind of creepy

They each picked out books and read while we waited for the puppet show to start
Waiting for the puppet show to start

There was a great courtyard with a fountain

Will got ot have alone time with Mamaw and I think they built with every block in the house!

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