The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elizabeth Kelly's Royal Birthday - Atlanta

We headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate Elizabeth's 4th Birthday. Jessica threw an amazing birthday party down to every last detail. It was crazy but very organized! There were 31 kids ages 5 and under to be entertained. The theme was Princesses and Princes. I am so glad we were able to celebrate the big day!!!

So excited to head to Atlanta for the Royal Event!

The birthday girl - Princess Elizabeth

 Prince Gaines and Knight Will

The Royal Odom Family

Auntie Mel and the Boys
Gaines was literally up under Mel the entire afternoon.

Look at all the kids!

Baby Reese has arrived!
 After the party we went to the Kellys to continue the celebration. All our babies got to play and we all got to catch up a little bit.

I love seeing Caroline's personality come out. She is getting so big!
Our 4 year olds!
Trying to get a group pic - Caroline was so sleepy. She wanted no part in this picture.

Love this! E is like come on boys lets get this over with!
Now isn't this priceless?!?!
 We spent the night over Melissa and Chris's house and it was so much fun seeing them in action with Reese. The boys loved Baby Reese. Knox not so much!

I feel so very blessed to have such great friends that want our families to grow up together as much as I do. I hope our kids appreciate this one day!

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