The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gaines's Office

Gaines's latest "phase" is playing office. At first he was Director of Emergency Services, then he asked me who was the boss of our city and in turn he wanted to be the Mayor, and now his business cards say Emergency Doctor. Every table in our house has his office supplies on it for one of his many desks and I am about to go crazy with all the pieces of paper everywhere! Our upstairs doors are all labeled with a different number where we know which office - Gaines is Office #1 of course. I blame all of this on his grandmother (of course). My mother says it is my fault since I am the child that asked for a hole puncher from Santa one year.

This is the office Nonni set up for Gaines at her house.

Counting his business cards.

"I can't go to bed yet, I have a few more notes to write."
Another funny story on this picture is it was way past Gaines's bedtime and he got up for the 500th time and I paused my show, Law & Order SVU and he asked me what type of show I was watching. I replied, "A show about criminals." Gaines says, "Is this Criminal Minds?" - WHAT?!?!? I promise I do not let my children watch all the blood and crime I watch. I finally figured out it was because I told him he looked like "Hotchner" off of Criminal Minds.

Office Work - this is one of two desks he has set up in his room plus an end table for more of his collectibles.

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