The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feels Like Fall!

This was the first week of school so our schedule was a little crazy trying to get back in the swing of things. The weather was amazing this week truly like fall. On Wednesday my car said 71 degrees! Gaines has worried us sick over the details of this Paw Patrol Premier party and thank goodness it finally came on Monday night and we were able to have the party. He gets these ideas in his head and he truly just obsesses over it. Tuesday was the first day of school. Wednesday, Will and I dropped Gaines off at school and this was the first day that Will and I had all to ourselves. Neither one of us knew what to do without Big bro! We both quickly adapted and Will enjoyed being an only child and I enjoyed only  having 1. Daddy was gone quite a bit this week so we had some full afternoons as well. on Thursday after school we headed to the farm. Friday we had our church play group at Charlie Daniels Park and we met Dani and Baby Jacob there. It was so fun to see both of them. Saturday was filled with birthday parties and getting ready for soccer. Sunday after church we all crashed!
Nick Jr's Paw Patrol Premier Pajama and Popcorn Party hosted by Gaines Reginald including decor and party favors.

My day with Will. He thought he was big stuff! We went to the Y, met Hallee at the park, Wal-Mart, and then lunch at O'Charley's and it was FREE PIE DAY! Jackpot!

This is why my children always need parental supervision at their Great-Grandparents house. Gaines is trying to convince Papa Jim to rappel down the tree with a rope. Then my almost 80 year old grandfather shows him how to climb the tree.

Lil Slugger playing baseball with Uncle Russ with a huge stick of course.

Another great game at the Greats - prisoner.

Meeting Baby Jacob! Dani's little boy - finally a play date when he turns 1!

Splash Pad with Baby Jacob.
Shopping at Target with Mommy...
Dad, I just need to rest for a second.
Trying on new cleats for soccer with Daddy.

Will went to his sweet friend Mary Brent's Birthday party without Big bro. I think he was fine what about you?!?!

Will and Mary brent the birthday girl. Gaines said he just loves Mary Brent's outfit - Lord help us! When Will got home Gaines said, "So Will tell me about the party?"

Our 8th Anniversary Date Night
Dinner at The Southern and Bruno Mars concert.
AMAZING! Maybe my all time favorite concert.

Mamaw came in town to watch boys and they had a big time going to party city to shop for decorations. Gaines picked out puppy decor for another Paw Patrol party and Will Power Rangers. Will was looking for his robot pajamas and took out every pajama set and re-folded it. Such a good helper!

Church with Mamaw

At our church you may even get ice cream and popsicles after the service!

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  1. You mean you enjoyed Bruno Mars more than Barry?!?