The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday with our Grandmother

Today Garrick had to work and I needed to get the house ready for Dani's baby shower so Mom watched the boys. It was a perfect day for them to be at NonNon's house (shoot everyday is a perfect day to be at NonNon's house!) Nonni emailed me the play-by-play for their adventures today.

Should I go, or not?

Gaines decided he wanted to play in the rain, so out the door we went.  Once he got his feet wet, he was no longer a happy camper he couldn’t get back in fast enough.  When he came in, he slipped and fell, scared him to death.  He didn’t want to play in the rain ever again without his rain boots and raincoat.  Gaines didn’t like feeling wet at all, so Nonni put all his clothes in the dryer and he loved having them nice and warm. 
Gaines, let me show you how to paint out rocket ship.  Oh, Will loved this and they really liked mixing all the colors up.  Yes, Nonni’s house will never be the same color again.

Nonni, I love this!!!

We couldn’t go outside to have a picnic, so Batman Gaines decided we needed a picnic under the pavilion outside (pretend) so we wouldn’t get wet.  That’s why we’re sitting there with the door open and watching it rain.  I’m not sure Gaine’s remembered to put his underpants back on after he went to potty.  I noticed during lunch, and asked him to go and put them on.  He didn’t care either way.  Will sat there like a good little boy, enjoying his picnic.

Naptime at Nonni’s, I would have enjoyed this naptime when I was their age.

And the tricycle race is on. 

Gaines beat Will to the mailbox on his tricycle that Nonni pushed all the way.

Let’s go Nonni, we have to deliver the mail.

Off to deliver the mail, on a mission.

Parking their tricycle’s.

Mixing colors to paint.  Loved it!  Do it myself!!!!!!!! 

In our homemade Rocket Ship….so proud.

Gaines FINALLY got his rocket ship Nonni promised him. It better not end up at my house. Look at these sweet boys! 

Do you see after 5 hours at Nonni's house why I describe my mother as a walking circus?!?! Thank you Nonni for being a wonderful mother and an unbelievable grandmother.

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