The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Week 9

Summer is flying by!

On Monday, please make note that I went to the YMCA and worked out - might be the first this summer. The boys actually had a great time in the play area which made it better. 

Tuesday was a marathon day. We went to Hayes's house to play with his new play set that he got for his 2nd birthday. With all their trees in the backyard there was enough shade to where we could actually stay outside without melting for about 30 minutes. I love watching the boys play. I know I say that all the time but it really is so fun to watch them interact with friends and hear them call each other by name. Will stayed with Hayes while I dropped Gaines off at his My Gym class. He thinks he is so big! He runs in and says, "Bye Mom!" and has to give me a few huge hugs and kisses for the crowd. 
Will and Hayes love sitting in this chair together
Gaines at My Gym
After our My Gym class, we went to lunch with Nonni at Chipolte. We headed home and Will got about an hour nap before we went to Hallee's Bubble Birthday Party. It was so HOT in the middle of the afternoon but the kids LOVED the water and bubble party. Most of the kids at the party were from our neighborhood, church, school, and Bible study. 
This picture captures the party perfectly!

The Mommies! 
On Wednesday, we met Sarah-Beth and crew at the Y and did a Sculpt Class that all I can say is that I survived. I had texted SB and asked her if she thought this would be an ok class to do since I just started working out again and she said I quote, "Sure, easy just do 5lb weights." Let me tell you this class kicked my rear but I really enjoyed it in a love, hate sort of way! What made it worse is we promised the kids to go to Pump-It-Up afterwards. I couldn't even lift the boys off the inflatables! We ended our morning having lunch at Panera with just the boys and me. They were so good today. I love mornings like this when I enjoy them and don't yell 24-7.

Daddy's Home!
As I am writing this I am thinking, we are ONLY to Thursday and I feel like we have done a million things! I needed to keep the boys out of the house for a while where our house could get cleaned so we headed to Yoga at the Y and then we had a little time to kill so we went for a picnic at the park. Gaines enjoyed gazing at the trees and the boys ran and collected a LOT of sticks!
Friday, Gaines was soooo excited! He finally got to play with Ezra and we were going to his house in Lebanon. We talked the entire way there about how this was his best friend and there was no reason to be shy and as soon as we walked in he was hugging my leg and not speaking. It is always so awkward!  He finally warmed up and they started playing. The boys loved their backyard and they had a real tree house! I did not get a pic but it was pretty neat and their first real trampoline experience. Gaines had so much fun. Will, on the other hand, was terrible. He kept telling Ezra all the toys were "MINE!" and throwing a fit if he could not have a snack every 5 seconds, throwing toys across the room, etc. He has always been really good around other people and we were only blessed with his evil side but now it is starting to show up here and there. Makes me a little worried about school.

Gaines: "Mom, let's take a pic."
 Saturday, Will got some alone time with Mommy and Daddy while Gaines got to go with Nonni for his first yard sale experience (more on that in a different post). Luckily, Gaines left before Will got up. Will got to watch soccer instead of cartoons, went to Panera for a bagel, and played ball with Daddy in the back yard. I don't think he even realized Gaines was gone until about 11:30am and he said, "Gaines sleep?"


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