The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 days 5 birthdays

We have started off March with a bang! We have celebrated 5 birthdays of our closest buddies in 10 days. We need to get some friends that were born in different months!

Our neighbor William celebrated his 5th birthday at Inside Out Play Gym. The boys had a blast! Running and marching in a birthday parade.
Funny favors and faces
Our sweet friend Charlotte invited us over to eat cake and ice cream and celebrate her 2nd birthday.

Oir neighbor and church friend Tanner celebrated his 4th birthday in a Knightly manner. His mommy Amber did a great job with the decorations and activities. Each of the kids made their own Knight shield and sword.
Pictured above: Tanner, Gaines, & Will
Will sword fighting with the birthday boy
We dropped off Saylor's birthday gift because she was having a "No boys Allowed Princess Slumber Party." This little crew is a mess! I love our time with Hallee and Saylor.

We are still waiting to have our pic with Will's girlfriend Lily to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

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