The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church held their Community Easter Egg Hunt this morning and the boys had a ball. I laid out all the baskets I had at home and the boys picked which one they wanted to use. Gaines of course claimed the huge white one first. Jen, Garrick's cousin, dropped Silas off with us so we got to experience what it would be like for a family of 5...I may need to practice a little more! Since I have been home with boys, we have gotten very involved with our community, church, and school and the best part about all of it is to see the boys play with their friends. I love when I hear one of them yell for another friend by name - that seems so "big" to me.

Gaines loves the Easter Bunny! Will is still petrified.

Silas enjoyed "hopping" around the field more than the actual hunt.
Helping cousin Silas

Waiting for the hunt to begin

Will was racing a long until he thought the Easter Bunny was near and then he stopped dead in his tracks until I could convince him that the bunny was no where around him.

Comparing eggs with our friend Anniston from church

Serious business

Gaines could barely carry his basket it was so heavy.

Hallee and Will

I love these two babies!
Gaines looks so tall
Easter 2013
Train Ride 
Ms. Christy just loves the train

Silas finally got settled on the train. I told Garrick I would ride this train until Jen got there!

Love this! We are so lucky to get to make memories with our families!

Waiting for their cotton candy
Love this picture with our favorite friends Hallee and Saylor.
None of the kids liked the cotton candy except Will - I think he ate all their bags.

Gaines picked a notepad for his prize for the pin the tail on the bunny game.

Mr. Greg (Saylor and Hallee's Dad) and Garrick
Dads Gone Wild Easter Egg 2K13

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