The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

We made it to the 9am service at church and it was a wonderful service. Mom and Mamaw joined us and the boys loved all the attention especially in their sport coats. Before heading to Mom's house for Easter Brunch we set up the self-timer for some family pics.

We headed over to Nonni's house around 12:30pm for Brunch. Nonni's blood pressure has been dangerously high lately so I was interested to see how Easter would go since she refused to let me do it for her. The table looked beautiful and the food was great. I love Brunch! If I picked the menu out every year that would be my choice. It was a fun day - I just needed some silence after listening to Gaines and Rusty talk non-stop for 5 hours!!!

My Easter Cake I made for the Easter Table.
Our ridiculous amounts of Easter baskets. our tradition is that we exchange names and have a $25 limit for each basket.
YUM! Breakfast and French Toast Casserole, Hot Cross Buns (Mom's favorite), Cinnamon Rolls (for the boys), scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and fruit salad.
Mom's pretty table. It is all about the table for our Holiday tradition. I am sure this is one thing my boys will carry on for sure. Another reason they need a little sister!
Grant kicked off the basket exchange. Mom had his name and must have found every style titans hat at a yard sale. 
Mimi had Garrick's name and once again gave a gift that will be remembered for years to come - everyone wishes for a opossum in their Easter basket. Garrick and Daphne had a bad experience with opossum so the site of one gives them both chills!

One of Mimi's other gifts for Garrick - our First Christmas together 2002. It wasn't even as if she tossed it in there, she actually ordered it in September for Garrick and Grant.
We also celebrated Papa, Rusty, and Trish's birthdays. Papa Jim was thrilled with his cash. The men in our family are easy to please with a little green.
Green and Chocolate that is.

The boys and their Great-Grandparents.

The boys with their great-Uncle Rusty

The boys with Uncle Grant.

Trying to get a picture of these 4 is pretty impossible - none of them listen or follow directions.

We crashed after we left the festivities!!!

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