The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Visitors from Spain

We are so lucky to get to see Baby Carolina AGAIN!!! LeeAnn and Carolina are in Tennessee for a couple of weeks and they drove in to spend a couple of days with us. I didn't really have anything special planned since it was Freezing outside and we are on Spring break with the boys but they did get a little glance to into the daily life of the Odom Boys. LeeAnn and I got to spend time just catching up and I loved it! I am so blessed for such unbelievable friendships. Lee Ann and Carolina stayed in Gaines's room and he was very concerned that they were going to mess up his "office" so he laid out the rules for them. Already counting down the days until Summer to see both these girls again.
Kicked off our visit with lunch at Cracker Barrel.
This was Will's idea of playing with Carolina - throwing a ball to her. Thankfully it was a soft one!

We would catch Will right in her little face talking to Carolina and giving her kisses.

Sweet babies

I cherish these pictures so much!

Will wanted Carolina to stay in his room for nap time. The boys are singing her lullabies.
We spent Tuesday evening at Gaines's soccer practice. He was strutting his official soccer uniform from Spain in honor of the de Abiegas.

Carolina and Will watching Gaines
Playing soccer with LeeAnn

The Fire Stars with all hands in.

Will kicking the ball
Watching shows. Carolina was mesmerized by Backyardigans.

Will literally HAD to be on top of Carolina or at least touching her

Helping Carolina

Precious! Will holding sweet Carolina's hand - I promise I did not poise this!
A little cupcake treat at a new Bakery in Lebanon.
the colors were so pretty in the bakery.
Lee Ann and Baby C

The best group shot we got!

Carolina Lola - ADPi Legacy

So sad to have the girls go!

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