The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bow tie Builders

Gaines and Will looked so cute today in their outfits Gaines picked out that I had to take pictures!

Gaines picked out their outfits and then he decided they were construction workers. The clothespin on his helmet is for his walkie-talkie to work. They were making up songs for their business.



Will and Papa Jim calling for the horse - once the horse finally came over Will was petrified!

Skipping Rocks and Bow-ties

Mimi and Gaines working on some clues.

This table I remember from when I was a little girl at Mimi's house - there are some things that should NOT stand the test of time.

What happens at Mimi's when you need a bag for all your goods that you have collected or found in their house - they each came home with a purse. Gaines's we can kind of call a satchel - Will's is a straight up purse. I found a brass bell in Gaines's bag.

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