The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Friday, April 26, 2013

Whip Crackin' Rodeo

We took the boys to the rodeo in Lebanon. it was perfect! They were so excited and could not wait to wear their cowboy outfits. Gaines as usual was very serious about his attire. I read all the activities to the boys off the website and Gaines decided before we even arrived that he had won the Children's Best Cowboy Outfit Contest and Will kept saying, "I want to ride a bull." This statement is funny in itself since he is now petrified of animals. I had bought these shirts at a consignment sale a year ago and finally got to wear them even if we did have to paint them on! We will definitely do this every year.

Running to the rodeo

Gaines loved showing off his outfit and getting into character. He would say "Howdy" and tip his hat. He got on this huge mechanical horse and starting swinging his hat saying, "YeeeeeHaaaaw!" Gathering free stuff and "flair" from all the booths. Posing for pictures - he really could have cared less about the actual show.

Will wanted to stay on the bleachers and wait for it to begin. He would not budge and kept asking over and over when rodeo would start. "Where are the bulls?" Once the show actually started he was scared to death but would not take his eyes off of all the action. He was sitting in my lap with his legs wrapped around mine where I could not out him down.

Gaines throwing off his hat again!

Love this! Will had a little bounce in his step.

By the way, we missed the contest because Gaines had to potty! Next year, we are going all out and for sure getting chaps.

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