The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The entire fam came out to see Gaines's Songbird performance at church this morning and he did so much better than Christmas! He actually sang both songs and even waved once. Will thought he was big stuff sitting in big church watching his brother. He sang to the songs too while eating whatever Nonni has stuffed into her purse. I told Gaines to take care of Lucy in his Sunday School class. After class LK told Uncle Garrick that "Gaines was playing with his friends and wouldn't introduce me and I didn't get a snack. I kept telling Gaines I didn't get a snack and he wouldn't do anything." 

Gaines and Saylor
We always take Saylor with us to practice on Sunday nights since Ms. Sheree has to work.

Gaines's Fan Club

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