The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of the Year School Program

This is one of my favorite nights! The End-of-the- Year program at school. The kids have been practicing their 2 songs per class since January. Last year Gaines gave his famous bow, this year he did really well. No bow but sand all the words and did the motions. We were so interested in what Will was going to do because this was truly the first "performance" he had ever had on stage. He did so good. Of course he showed NO facial expressions but he sand all his songs and did the motions. Gaines kept reminding me Ms. Sonya told them to wear church clothes so of course he chose his bow-tie. Our whole crew was there - of course! Will has been talking about his friend Chase non-stop and I finally got to see them in action together. They are so stinkin' cute.

Chase and his Cowboy boots and Will and his bow-tie
Best Buddies

Vinny, Chase, and Will
I think these boys are wild on the playground playing Power Rangers

Mommy and her big boy Will

Lily and Will

Gaines and Ezra

Carter, Will, and Gavin waiting for their turn on stage

Singing "5 Little Monkeys"

Gaines's Class

The Fam

The Fam

This is exactly what my little boy looks like right now. He loves to pick out his own clothes and wants to look very professional!

Ms. Sonya gave all of her students Build-A-Bears and Gaines was so excited! He loves his so much.

Sleeping with Bearemy...

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