The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cousin Jackie

We had a great surprise this week, my first cousin Jackie came to visit us this week. I only have two first cousins period and we do not get to see them very often so this was a great opportunity! She was headed from Philadelphia through the South for a cross-country trip with her dogs to end up in San Francisco. the boys loved having their second cousin around and of course their cousin-dogs (Mommy's favorite type of dog!)
Picnic Lunch with Cousin Jackie - I loved hearing them say her name. Will would say, "Jack."
Putting their cousin to work on the construction project 

 Another enjoyable dinner at Cracker barrel with my children

 The boys ran with Meko for hours. I'm not sure if I want this in writing or not but maybe they do really need a dog. they had so much fun and definitely wore each other out. Gaines would run in circles with Meko chasing him just squealing in delight. Will was a little more standoffish. he liked poor old Snickers who did not jump as much but I do not think Snickers shared the feeling!
Ole' Poppy just cannot play right 
Talking to Snickers 
only on the farm
Sleeping in their treehouse and you wonder why Nonni is exhausted

 We had Girls Night at the Art Mill in Lebanon. it was so much fun! Of course Mom and I picked something loud and themed and Jackie's painting is so calm and artistic!!!

Bye Jackie! Come see us again soon!!!

Christmas 2006
Nanny and her 4 grandchildren
Erica, Jackie, Nanny, Grant, and Christy

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