The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sandestin Day 6

This is our last full day of vacation and I am worn out! We have had such a fun week but I'm ready for the fun to end! This morning Garrick was working and Nonni and Poppy came to get Gaines so Will and I had some alone time. He was NOT excited to find out his Big Bro had left him but he soon was fine with being the only child. He wanted to bring his "soc" ball with him when we left to go on our adventure.

We met up with Nonni, Poppy, and Gaines and tried to get a plan for this morning. Enjoyed making some wishes with Poppy's money at the Fountain.

This is a scary thought! They of course loved the Arcade. 

Will was a natural sitting at the bar waiting on a drink with his Daddy - don't think this is a good thing!

Our last vacation family pic

What a crew!
We headed off to the Marina for dinner with Garrick's co-workers families. I love the Marina. We ate there last year and had so much fun. The boys had so much fun playing with all the Big Kids and I was miserable. I know Garrick and I both are high-strung with our kids especially about safety and all the big kids were running all around the edge of the deck where the water was and of course Gaines and Will wanted right behind them. Then you add Nonni in the was not so much fun for us but the kids had a blast!

The view from the walking trail to the Marina
Watching the parrots at the Marina
You can tell from my face how much fun i was having. I would not let go of Will and Will did NOT want me to holding his hand. 

Feeding the fish with the Big Kids

Giving Kisses to the girls
Will right in the mix
Love this one! Will and Gaines thought Parks was the stuff. All the big kids were so sweet to the boys.
Getting ready for the Canon to be shot off.
The kids were getting a little anxious so I led "Ring Around the Rosey."
Look at Will's dramatic fall - legs over head every time.
Our View from Dinner
Blowing the girls kisses
I love this sweet, rotten boys so much cheesing with his Mommy!

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