The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Farm on a Lazy Saturday Afternoon

We decided to take some of our strawberries we picked over to Mimi and Papa's house on this afternoon. I never get tired of taking pictures of these boys at The Farm. I love seeing them play with their great-grandfather and entertain their great-grandmother and uncle. My grandfather, Papa, is a man of little words, let alone any emotions or feelings and these boys can crack him up. I am so lucky that they get to have a piece of my "Mimi and Papa" too. 

Papa Jim got out his fishing rod that he has had for about 30 years.  I am sure it will come to a quick death after my boys get a hold of it! Gaines is trying to secure his "rod" in his pants like it is a holster.

Papa Jim is trying to show Will the rabbit.
Our Motley Crew
Will looks so big here. It makes me so sad to see this little chunk get bigger.

 Papa decided that Gaines needed a fish to reel in so the obvious choice was to tie a rock to the end. I don't know about you but I could think of a few less harmful objects than a rock.
Will was so patient when Papa was showing him how to "fish" and finally Papa let go and thats all Will needed. He whipped that rod around and we all took cover. He swings it like a bat and mind you there is a rock tied to the in to be the "fish." The pictures do not do it justice, we literally all ran for our lives!

Uncle Rusty, my Dad's only brother, came out and took the boys to look for Blackberries. Gaines and Papa had been running around the yard with Gaines tied up like a horse. We ended our adventure with some homemade ice cream and a few more snacks.

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