The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Another "First" for the Summer, Gaines is old enough to participate in our church's VBS. It is Sunday through Wednesday from 5:30-8pm and I also signed up to teach with Tatum the 4 year olds. This was the most stressful week I have had in a while! Garrick brought Gaines the first night where I could do what I needed to in my class and it was chaos. I really thought Garrick was not going to leave Gaines with me being right there! You dropped the 3-5 year olds off in the gym with the bouncy houses and it appeared that you just left them even though there were teachers in there as well. Gaines did ok in there but did not participate in the bouncing. He kept telling Tatum that he was trying to decide which one to jump in. The theme was "Dive in with God." The music was so good and Gaines would come home singing the songs and doing the sign language.

Tatum and I ended up with 59 4 and 5 year olds along with 4 other teachers. It was a nightmare but we made it through the week and the kids had fun and I loved getting to know so many of our church children. Next year, I am reminding myself to sign up for 2nd grade!!!

Gaines said he loved it even though he did not like being dropped off each night. I tried to sneak pictures when I could but with 59 kids of my own this was not often.
First Night - He looks so big!
Sneaking a picture of Gaines eating dinner
Will was so upset each night that we left him and he had to stay home. On tuesday night he got to go and stay in the nursery and he was so excited until he realized he was not going with Gaines. He calmed down and started playing pretty quickly.

Gaines and his neighbor buddy William 
Wednesday night program for the parents. Gaines did not stand up or sing the entire time. The only child not standing.

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