The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sandestin Day One

VACATION!!!! We made it to Sandestin this morning in great time. We had not great weather but the boys did great and very few additional stops. We left the house at 6am and the boys were so excited to eat their breakfast in the car AND keep on their pajamas. Here are a few pictures from the 8.5 hour ride here.
Ready to go!
Just chilling in Starbucks - I mean seriously they act like they own this place.
Burning some energy at the gas station - seize the moment
We got checked in to our room at the Hilton and Gaines was soooo excited about the cool bunk beds and the boys unpacked ALL of their stuff and got organized. Then we headed to the beach.

Our first official beach picture! It had rained the entire way down here and now it was perfect!

 Will's first encounter with sand - not so sure about it. Gaines already giving out instructions on how to proceed with the sand castle. We could not get in the ocean because a red flag was issued so we just played in the sand (yes me too...)
Gaines had to read the rules of the kiddie pool because he kept wanting to run.
Love these boys! 
Of course they will not do right for their picture with their Mommy.
Practicing floating on their back - this is what $400 bucks will get ya! Impressed huh?!?!
Finally, we met up with Nonni and Poppy at Baytowne Wharf for Dinner. If I heard Gaines say "Nonni" one more time I was going to throw myself into the ocean. The boys finally got to see their grandparents!

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