The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandestin Day 3

This is our last full day at the beach. I am so excited about these two pictures of the boys so I wanted to start off with these precious babies!  I love this one of them holding hands even if it is staged - they at least did it!

Gaines woke up early and we had some nice cuddling time while watching some shows.

We let the boys go down to breakfast in their pajamas every day. Anytime they get to stay in their pajamas is the best day ever to them! They loved the buffet. We just loved their company-)

We headed down to the beach and Nonni and poppy got their right when we did so it was perfect timing. The beach really was not crowded the entire week. The weather was still great.

Totally Will Odom throwing the frisbee
Tossing sand in the air.
He was only told not to about 500 times.

This is a special section dedicated just to Poppy. He has to be told when he is having fun so I wanted to make sure we had it in writing just how much fun he was having with his family. he just loves vacations, family time, and spending money (I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping off this text). He also likes to show off a little bit and had to do his little performance in the ocean. I don't think he realizes he is a grandfather now and the ocean always wins!

The boys were having a blast getting "blasted" by each wave! With each one crashing into them they would squeal and scream in delight.

I love this little boy so much! The boys thought they were so big cleaning off the sand "by self" as Will says. You just had to stand clear while they were doing so or you would come out soaked. We headed up to the pool after spending time at the beach. Of course we had to get a little popcorn snack. 

Gaines spent the entire time with his old Nonni and Poppy. He is a little stingy with his grandparents.
Daddy's Boys!
This is when I could just eat my youngest up. He does everything with such vigor (is that the word?).
He jumped off the side of the pool to his Daddy about 500 times and the rules for jumping were you had to count and let someone know you were going to jump. This is Will getting ready for his jumps. I could not look at him his faces were cracking me up so much.

Gaines and his crazy NonNon
Mommy and Will
Naptime! Reading Fifty Shades of Gray by myself with the perfect view and breeze. 
After the boys got up from their nap we came back down to the beach for a little bit before getting ready for pictures and dinner.

This is true love for this Momma - sitting in the sand and playing.

Still trying to get the perfect photo to submit for the contest.
By the way, this is the one we entered and won!!! So at the end of the summer, we will solicit all our friends to like this pic on facebook to win a trip.

A little snack and juice before the end of our beach day. Time to go in and get ready!

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