The Odom Family

The Odom Family

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 2 - Vacation

This morning could not have gone more perfect with the boys. Garrick left around 6am for his conference and the boys slept until 7am-thank goodness! We got our swim gear on and headed off towards breakfast. We got a little sidetracked and just had to stop and look at the pool. It was so calm and peaceful outside, maybe because it was 8am and no one was up! Even the weather was perfect, not too hot and breezy. I would have loved to sit in the swing by the water and had coffee and my book. I guess I'll do that again in 20 years!!! The boys thought they were big stuff at breakfast. Let me just tell you, two boys and a breakfast buffet and a table about a mile away is quite the challenge! After we ate, we took the pathway by the water back to the pool. We found all kinds of fun places to play. Will was so excited he saw a boat and Gaines found another hammock to relax in. We finally made it to the pool and the set up is great. The boys could touch and we swam and played from 9:30 until about noon with no problems. I am really proud of their confidence in the water and dicing for toys etc. Garrick met us for lunch and that's when we lost it. No one wanted to get out, will stole Gaines's fruit loop snack from breakfast and shoved the bag down his mouth, what else? All I know is will screamed poolside for an eternity. Got through lunch played some more, came in and the boys finally fell asleep watching golf. 
Garrick got in from his meeting and I got to have 30 minutes all to myself which included a piƱa colada and the view of the water! My friend LeeAnn is always dreaming of these family vacations together and I can actually see us doing one here. After naps, we lured the boys away from the pool with promises of fishing. Will kept saying, "I catch a shark." Lets put it like this our pics turned out a lot better than the catch! G actually cut his finger on the hook immediately. The boys gave up and had a snack instead. I was sweating and over it myself. We ate dinner at Wynsters Oyster House and the boys did well considering we didn't even eat until 8pm. Will was about to lose it once again. Made it back to hotel and we all fell into bed after a little iPad time. 

We made a stop to check out the pool on the way to breakfast and the boys could not resist a little taste.
The boys thought they were big stuff eating their hotel breakfast. They were so excited to be allowed to eat fruit loops!
Testing out the new hammock they found on the way to the pool.

Morning with Mommy
This was Will once Garrick arrived.
The boys were little fish, they just swam and swam.
Mommy's boys
My favorite part of the day! It was so hot it melted in about 5 minutes!
This was hysterical.
Our little fisherman
Gaines got to ride the golf cart to go pick up the car for dinner.
The boys making friends at the Oyster Bar. Gaines thought it smelled disgusting. Will just watched without an expression.
Night Night

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